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I più bei libri svizzeri

Organized annually since 1943 by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books» competition acknowledges the excellent results obtained in the design and production of books, rewarding in particular the works that best reflect contemporary trends. Selected among the 400 volumes entered in 2022, the 20 winning books feature, in the jury’s opinion, an extraordinarily bold approach and high standards. An exhibition to browse and read!

«The Most Beautiful Swiss Books» Jury is chaired by Sereina Rothenberger (graphic designer). Its members are Gina Bucher (author, publisher), Gregor Huber (graphic designer, publisher), Silas Munro (graphic designer, author) and Kajsa Ståhl (graphic designer, publisher).

In cooperation with the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), Bern, and SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) - Department of Environment Constructions and Design, Mendrisio Campus.



Concurrently, TETI Group presents «Boxed-in, Garden Mechanics»
Anne-Laure Franchette and Gabriel N. Gee from TETI Group propose a series of interventions around the library of the Museo Villa dei Cedri, investigating the history of gardens and modernity. The manner through which libraries are organized has been the object of stimulating reflections and proposals in the past few decades. Giving a sense of the library’s physical and intellectual presence through relations, connections and associations, in direct relation with the work done by the Museum around its own garden, Franchette and Gee also suggest a range of new publications and assemblages exploring questions of technology and industrious ecologies.

TETI is an interdisciplinary study group fostering critical inquiry into industrial heritage
and environments through workshops, exhibitions, talks, walks, cooking, and publishing.